WELCOME TO .netSHIP Shipping Rating & Tracking for ASP.NET

.netSHIP offers real-time rate calculation and tracking with United States Postal Service (USPS), Federal Express (FedEx), DHL WorldWide Express (DHL), AirBorne Express (Airborne) and Canada Post - or any combination of the above - even at the same time! NEW: Roadway freight shipping provider now supported. This product has been in commercial use since 2001.

Studies have show that shipping cost is an important issue for online shoppers with over 80% indicating it was a major factor in their purchase decisions. With more than 50 shipping services from 6 shipping companies our product provides your clients with the choices they demand in a competitive global marketplace.

Explore our site to learn more about .netSHIP, play with the live demos, download the full documentation or purchase and start returning real-time shipping rates for your site today!

What’s new

Our most feature rich and innovative .netSHIP version 6.2 was last updated August 4, 2022.

  • .NET 6 Support, TLS 1.2 support, USPS updates, updated URLS
  • EasyPost Label Printing and Postage
  • UPS supported with rating and tracking
  • FedEx Home delivery and smart Post support.
  • FedEx rate type setting support.
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  • ASP.NET Ship designed from the ground up for .NET.
  • Real-time rate calculation with United States Postal Service (USPS), Federal Express (FedEx), DHL WorldWide Express (DHL), Canada Post, and Airborne Express (Airborne)
  • Powerful and intuitive ASP.NET server controls for rates, tracking, and country listings
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I am extremely impressed with .netship.
I am a very happy user of your dotNetShip product. The time it has saved me integrating real-time rate estimation and tracking into my site is fantastic.
I am using dotNetShip with excellent success.
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